We are Chilworth residents who want to make Chilworth the best place in which to live, work and bring up a family. This website is set up to serve the Village Community.
We aim to preserve, protect and enhance our village, our surrounding countryside and our unique heritage, especially the historic Gunpowder Mills, a scheduled ancient monument.
We want to celebrate and unite our village through publicising the regular village events and meetings, one-off and annual events, special projects, fund raisers and appeals with all sections of the community included.
We raise funds to provide things for the enjoyment of the village, and to make it more attractive. We encourage community involvement and togetherness. For example, we organise annual events such as the Duck Race and Ritz tea for the elderly.
We provide a channel of communication for the village through the website and raise awareness of local matters, issues and public meetings.
We raise working parties for village projects.
We work closely with both Parish Councils and support other local organisations in Chilworth.
We engage with the press, and publicise our events and our achievements.

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How did it all start?

Four village residents, Kathy Wells, Anita Smithers, Anne Denmark, and Diane Kenny wanted to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by raising funds to commission the making of four sets of Millstones, to mark the entrances to the village and to celebrate our rich history based on the Chilworth Gunpowder Mills. They called themselves the Chilworth Massive. They planned a series of fundraising events – one for each month of the Queen’s Jubilee – designed to bring the village together to have fun and raise money. The year, with its Duck Race, its dances, its Village Fete and Dog Show, its Village Picnic and talent show was such a success that, at the end of the year, the original partners and new volunteers decided to continue the work of bringing the village together. Key events have now become annual fixtures in the village, and money raised is used to improve the village and perpetuate the events.

The beautiful set of photos of Chilworth have been provided by Piers Plummer. Duck Race, Gunpowder Mills and Aerial shots courtesy of Andrew Norris – thank you


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