Gunpowder Mills map and historic information to download

Chilworth Gunpowder Mills Is a scheduled ancient monument. Enhance your visit to the Gunpowder Mills in their magic woodland set by downloading the following information and guided trail. See also a set of images showing the historic remains, shown under Gunpowder Mills Picture Gallery.

Thanks to Andrew Norris, Chilworth Gunpowder Group for the images, and to Glenys Crocker for permission to download the map.
walk leaflet 2010 rev2b page 1
walk leaflet 2010 rev2b page 2

5 thoughts on “Gunpowder Mills map and historic information to download

  1. My father Stephen Bunyan and I are in the area this weak
    Dad was in national service with mr Kim Owen who I believe is involved in your group. He would like to try and meet up but we forgot his number
    Is it possible to pass this along?

  2. Hi my name is Sarah Warren and I have an interest in the mill and the chilworth area, as my ancestors lived there. I am related to George Smithers who died in the 1901 accident and would also love to meet any Smithers still in the area and I see you have someone on your team with the surname Smithers. I am planning some visits to the area this year and hopefully doing some Paranormal Investigations and would love to setup a night at the mill to see if we can contact my cousin George or any of the other men who died in the accidents there. my plan is to stay at the Percy arms, as George has been named as the spirit there. I have other areas of paranormal interest in surrey as well as family historical (my Grandfather was an Edwards) and will be travelling to these areas and blogging and filming along the way, so be great to do a feature on the mill. my email is Disappointed in the fight with West Lodge. I thought that would be turned into a museum for the works. have they not thought about renting as a holiday lodge? if there is anything I can do to help with the fight, let me know. I live in Kent. If I do get access and find some paranormal activity, then there is a revenue that can be created from allowing professional groups in to investigate. something to think about.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I lived on the site of the gunpowder factory from March 1960 to 1962, but I just a baby! My father had a scary sighting of a faceless man on a bicycle in around 1960/1, we later discovered it was on the anniversary of the 1901 explosion. It was Dad’s experience which first got me interested in the supernatural. I’m now a writer/lecturer on cultural and paranormal topics, I have spoken about the gunpowder works ghosts as far apart as Nashville and High Wycombe! I covered my Dad’s sighting in my first book: ‘Wyatt’s Weird World’ (2016). I’ve been on around 30 paranormal podcasts in the US/Canada, and in the UK of course. I would love to share more detail and hear about your research too. Best wishes,
    Mark Anthony Wyatt
    PS I have many old friends in the Chilworth area, as I attended Tillingbourne School in the early 1970s. We had a small reunion in the Percy in very early 2020. I would love to know if any of you Chilworth folk reading this know where we can contact Ian Terry, his parents had the Belle Vue Stores. He was a great lad and we all miss him.

    • P.S., Ian would be about 60 now. I’m in touch with a few of the Chilworth Tillingbourne School lads…Andy Collier, Steve Chalcraft and Pete White mostly, but if you’re reading this Michael Horner, Phil Roff or Andrew Donald, give us a shout! The same applies to a few Albury lads, Kevin Smith, Nick Croucher and David Ahearne. Cheers!

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