Join the volunteers on June 11 to Bash Balsam and build a Wildlife hotel

You are welcome to join the friendly volunteers in the Gunpowder Mills on June 11 from 10.30am. With two activities to choose from, this is an activity that is suitable for families. The Himalayan Balsam, though very pretty is spreading all over our river banks. It’s easy to pull out – just bring some protective gloves.

Or work is supervised by our Countryside Wardens Nick and Alison, who provide any tools we need – and refreshments and cake!

It’s very free and easy. Just come to the picnic area in the Gunpowder Mills at the bottom of Vera’s Path and join in for as long or as short a time as you can spare – it all helps and keeps our lovely countryside clear.

Chilworth2gether plants more white roses

Volunteers have planted more white roses in the verge behind the modern iron railings on the main road close to the pub.

Unable to get permission for planting near the station, Chilworth2gether are adding to the magnificent collection of white roses by the roadside. Already three years old, the roses are all doing well and hopefully will soon be big enough to soften the effect of the railings. The verge has been neatly trimmed to help the roses get a good start. All of them are covered in buds, so the first flush should come out soon for us all to enjoy.
Varieties include: “Kew Gardens” “Claire Austin” “Salisbury Cathedral””Iceberg” and the white form of Ros Rugosa.