Future of West Lodge

St Martha Parish Council, supported by the Chilworth Gunpowder Mills Group and Chilworth2gether have spent an intensive year exploring whether West Lodge might have a new purpose serving the community in a variety of ways.

The working group has approached potential partners, explored income streams, and worked closely with councillors and other interested parties. As previously reported, our conclusion was that, with the various constraints associated with the site, it would be impossible to guarantee future financial viability for the building, and as such would prove too great a liability for St Martha Parish Council to manage.

GBC has now responded to St Martha Parish Council’s conclusions. It has acknowledged the work that has taken place but has concluded it will revert to its original position, which is to sell the building with a view to it becoming a residential unit.

Whilst this is disappointing, in that the Lodge will be separated from the rest of the Gunpowder Mills site, the Working Group is resolved to continue to monitor the situation, and maintain dialogue with councillors and officers.


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