Attempted theft of Village Bench, New Road Hornhatch

We are aware of the attempted theft of one of the benches installed by Chilworth Massive/Chilworth2gether for the enjoyment of the village. It appears that a vehicle was used to try to wrench the bench from its position on the verge, close to the layby on New Road.

The security fixings managed to thwart the attempt this time.

The bench was purchased for the village by Chilworth Massive and paid for from the proceeds of one of the Gunpowder Mills Duck Races and other fundraising events.

We shall be attempting to restore the bench if we can. Chilworth2gether volunteers have recovered the bench, and removed it to safety while we order new security.

We will probably need to wait until the weather has improved, and the ground has dried out before re-installing it.

It is regret that Chilworth2gether cannot guarantee to replace/restore stolen or vandalised donations to the village. But we will do our best.


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