Monitoring the River Tillingbourne – update

The Tillingbourne has been monitored by volunteers since the Spring of 2016 and volunteers are now active in every village along the length of the river. River invertebrate samples are also reguarly collected by volunteers at Shalford, Chilworth, Albury, and Gomshall.
Surveys appear to suggest that sediment pollution getting into the river from the surrounding land is one of the main issues affecting the Tillingbourne. Too much sediment can smother river bed habitats reducing both invertebrate populations and fish spawning areas so combatting this issue is at the top of the agenda.
The Tillingbourne is an important wildlife corridor across Surrey and will become a focus area for Surrey Wildlife Trust over the coming years. We will be looking at expanding our current volunteer project by training more river monitors and holding more practical river restoration task days in those areas of the river most in need of a bit of help. The graph below shows the Riverfly scores for 2017.

Glen Skelton – Wetland Landscapes Officer
Surrey Wildlife Trust


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