BBQ this weekend, September 15, in the Gunpowder Mills

To celebrate Heritage weekend, Chilworth2gether, in partnership with St Martha’s Parish Council/Friends of the Gunpowder Mills, will be hosting a BBQ in the Gunpowder Mills on Sunday, September 15, 12 noon – 2pm.  

Part of a national initiative to celebrate our heritage, local residents are encouraged to enjoy a walk through the Gunpowder Mills and explore the remains of the site.  The BBQ will be held in the picnic area, with its tables and benches, which is easily accessed via Vera’s Path which runs to the side of the Chilworth C of E Infant School on the main road (and close to the Percy Arms).

Just turn up and enjoy a burger in the fresh air, walk the dog and let the kids kick their heels.  Free maps showing routes and explaining the site will be available to pick up at the three entrances to the site –

  • Look for the Green Gates in Blacksmith Lane
  • Walk Vera’s Path from the school
  • take the bridleway through Lockner Farm and enter the site by the bridge

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