Ash die-back in the gunpowder Mills -essential work in December

At the Gunpowder Mills meeting, in an informative talk by the GBC Countryside Warden, village attendees heard more about the devastation caused by the airborne fungus attacking ash trees in the UK.

The disease shows itself in lesions in the bark of the tree, a slow dying back from the end of the leaves leaving the extreme branches dead and exposed, and the potential for limbs to crack without warning as the disease progresses towards the core of the tree.

Following a survey of the site, GBC have concluded that the Gunpowder Mills area seems to have been particularly badly hit.  It has undertaken a risk assessment of each tree, and, where the diseased trees pose a potential risk to the public, they will be removed, or reduced in size.

We were advised that contractors will be in the Gunpowder Mills in December;  Visitors can expect some paths to be temporarily closed while dangerous trees are removed.  

GBC stress that this exercise is in line with the Council’s duty of care to the public;  all landowners have this responsibility.

Nightworks Disruption details -November – Feb 2020 Chilworth Station platform lengthening

Network Rail have forewarned that they will be carrying out night time works on Platform 2 of Chilworth station from 19 November – 2 February 2020.

They will be part demolishing the existing platform, rebuilding and lengthening it, in preparation for accommodating 4 carriage trains in the future.

Plant and machinery will be stored on the island by the bus stop.

Full details are –


Tues 18 – Fri 22    00.05 hrs – 4.30       Platform ramp demolition

Sun 24 – Mon 25   1 am – 4am               Platform ramp extension


Sun 8 Dec – Friday 13   00;55 – 5.05     Platform ramp extension

Tues 17 Dec- Fri 20       00.35 – 5.10      Platform ramp extension

January 2020

Tues 7 Jan – Fri 10         00.35 – 5.10      Platform ramp extension

Tues 14 – Fri 17               00.35 – 5.10      Platform ramp extension

Thurs 23 – Fri 24            00.35 – 5.10      Platform ramp extension

Tues 28 – Thur 30         00.35 – 5.10      Platform ramp extension

February 2020

Mon 3 – Fri 7                   00.35 – 5.10      Platform ramp extension

Network Rail apologise for the disruption.

National helpline number is 03457 11 41 41