Gunpowder meeting gathers ideas to celebrate Centenary next year

In a lively and interesting annual public meeting, hosted by St Martha Parish Council,  the Gunpowder Mills were celebrated by Chilworth residents again this year.

With contributions from our elected County Councillor, Diana Jones, and the current Mayor, councillor Billington, we also learned of the devastating effects of ash die-back in the Gunpowder Mills, and there was a historical look at the significance this area played in the Second World War, as the country’s Line of Last Defence.

The meeting also alerted the village to a centenary that comes up in 2020, marking 100 years since the Gunpowder Mills stopped production.

Chilworth2gether offered up suggestions as to how the village may want to mark the event, with small scale local celebrations woven into the meetings of existing groups in the village, and possibly a larger, whole-village event.  Participants were asked to vote on the ideas, and come up with new ones.  These ideas will now be worked up in partnership with the Parish Council.  An idea for a permanent, lasting memorial was also suggested at the meeting, that Chilworth2gether is keen to explore with the Parish Council.

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