Fresh fruit and veg available seven days a week at Guildford street market – but collect only

The good news is that a fruit and veg stall is to open in North Street seven days a week until further notice to provide the town with fresh fruit and vegetables.  Collect only.

Facebook link –

Food deliveries will be on Thursdays to Chilworth – Farncombe Fresh Foods

Please note this update from Farncombe Fresh Foods, who have just started deliveries very locally to households.
Farncombe Fresh Foods Wholesale:  fresh, dry, tinned and frozen food, fresh mixed fruit boxes and vegetable boxes and in house butchery.
You can phone an order, and pay by credit/debit card.  See website for details.
Delivery day for orders for Chilworth is Thursdays.   £5 delivery charge applies to individual addresses unless over £50.
Where people club together and share an order with one person paying for the whole order, and with one delivery address, then the order is delivered free if it comes to more than £50.  However please take care to avoid contact when you split up the multiple order and distribute it.
01483 268020
6pm to 12am Sunday-Thursday
Mixed fruit and for £15,  and smaller boxes of mixed fruit or of mixed vegetables are available for £7.50 – see website

Want to help your neighbour, but don’t know how to let them know?

Chilworth has lots of ideas for helping your neighbours –

Village-wide:  Chilworth Care Committee will be sending out a leaflet to every household, asking for volunteers to go on the Village Register

Street/Road/Lane wide:  See on this website how to set up a WhatsApp group, to keep in touch with your near neighbours by mobile phone

As an individual: Please find a form below that has been shared with us by our Albury neighbours that you could print out, and use to push through your neighbours’ doors.  However, please be sure to identify yourself clearly and maybe offer some verification because unfortunately there have been examples of scams.  Click on the image to enlarge and print.  Please also consider letting Cathy Brown from the Care Committee know you’re helping:  so she knows who is active in the village.  Thank you.

Sorry – Duck Race 2020 cancelled

In line with government advice, we are cancelling the Duck Race this year.

Our sponsors, Seymours, have kindly offered to defer their offer of sponsorship until we can hold the event – maybe in September next year.

We hope we can bring back the event, better than before!

The ducks are sorry they can’t perform again this year, but will practise their technique.  Which colour will win next time??

Self help? how to set up your street/local WhatsApp group to support each other

In addition to the village initiative co-ordinated by ChilworthCare Committee, some locals are forming small, very local self help groups, where neighbours look out for each other.

Old Manor Lane has set up a WhatsApp group, and it would be great if other Roads, Streets and Lanes in Chilworth might do the same – here’s how to do it.  You need a mobile phone to be part of this.

1. Get the app WhatsApp.  This is free to download to your mobile phone
2. Start a group called [the street name] Community

3. Email everyone (you could drop a note through the door if you don’t have email addresses) to ask if they wanted to be in the group, and ask them to download the app using the above link if they don’t already have it.
4. then get their mobile phone numbers and added them to the group.
Old Manor Lane group gave four people in the group Admin rights so multiple people can make changes to the settings etc.

At home, and a knitter? Suggestion for a Knitting Group for Squares!

Lynne Bramble, a Chilworth resident, has suggested that anyone who is presently stuck at home might like to get out their knitting needles and any spare wool, and start knitting squares, in the company of other like-minded people.

It is hoped this might bring people together during this corona virus crisis, by phone or email, as well as being a simple and very useful thing to do with spare time.

If you might be interested, please get in touch with Lynne Bramble, who will suggest the size of share to knit, and co-ordinate anyone who is interested.

Then, when the situation eases, the squares can be brought together and stitched into blankets for the needy.  Lynne is reaches on

Government to grant permission for pubs and restaurants to operate as takeaways as part of coronavirus response

Planning rules will be relaxed so pubs and restaurants can operate as hot food takeaways during the coronavirus outbreak.

Published 17 March 2020

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP

  • Communities Secretary confirms the government will set out measures so that pubs and restaurants can operate as hot food takeaways to serve people having to stay at home
  • Relaxation of planning measures will be introduced as soon as possible and will apply for a limited period
  • Currently planning permission is required for businesses to carry out this change

The measures are the latest in a series of practical steps the government is taking to support businesses and help people who need to self-isolate, as well as vulnerable groups and older people who have been strongly advised to avoid social contact outside their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Communities Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said:

We are committed to doing everything we can to tackle the pandemic and support people, businesses and communities through this difficult time.

These changes will provide vital flexibility to pubs and restaurants and will ensure people are able to safely stay at home while still supporting some of the great local businesses across this country.

The government has confirmed the relaxations to planning rules will be put in place as soon as possible to provide reassurance to businesses and enable them to start providing takeaways to people quickly.