Self help? how to set up your street/local WhatsApp group to support each other

In addition to the village initiative co-ordinated by ChilworthCare Committee, some locals are forming small, very local self help groups, where neighbours look out for each other.

Old Manor Lane has set up a WhatsApp group, and it would be great if other Roads, Streets and Lanes in Chilworth might do the same – here’s how to do it.  You need a mobile phone to be part of this.

1. Get the app WhatsApp.  This is free to download to your mobile phone
2. Start a group called [the street name] Community

3. Email everyone (you could drop a note through the door if you don’t have email addresses) to ask if they wanted to be in the group, and ask them to download the app using the above link if they don’t already have it.
4. then get their mobile phone numbers and added them to the group.
Old Manor Lane group gave four people in the group Admin rights so multiple people can make changes to the settings etc.