Foodwise offers free meals to families in need – details

Please see this information provided by GBC.  Families are not allowed to apply direct, but the information below shows how referrals can be made through local organisations, schools and churches.

“I have been asked to draw your attention to the work that local charity Foodwise has been undertaking to provide meals to families in Guildford borough during the current crisis. It is currently producing around 1,600 meals per week and delivering these to nearly 200 families free of charge. You can find out more on its website (

Families are not able to self-refer, but local charities, schools or churches can refer people through the portal on the website. The website also lists the recipes that Foodwise prepare, but meals are also provided by Cook and the Caring Foundation.

You may wish to pass this information on to local organisations and groups in your own local communities working with vulnerable residents.”

Administrator note:  If you would like to access this service, please contact

in the first instance.

Regards Steve

Steve Benbough

Strategy and Communications Manager

Guildford Borough Council


St Martha Parish Council publishes illustration to allay Parking concerns at West Lodge

St Martha Parish Council publishes illustration to allay Parking concerns outside West Lodge

St Martha Parish Council has published this computer simulation of how the bollards it proposes to instal outside West Lodge would stop nuisance parking on the verge.

Computer simulation illustrating bollards on verge to stop nuisance parking

West Lodge – photo showing verge as it is now.

This is a design detail that is part of St Martha Parish Council’s plan to lease West Lodge for low level community and educational use;  this plan will keep West Lodge as part of the Gunpowder Mills site – the alternative is that it is sold off for redevelopment by GBC.

The planning application to allow this to happen also includes the proposal to establish private car parking spaces in the grounds behind West Lodge.  This plan is curently being considered by GBC.  These car parking spaces will be for private use by visitors to West Lodge, and controlled by the Parish Council.  With the building capable of accommodating around 8 adults at any one time, these spaces are considered ample to ensure there is no additional parking on the road.

The Parish Council is not responsible for parking on the Highway;  it is keen, however, to ensure that any proposal it makes associated with the Gunpowder Mills takes into account concerns over inconsiderate parking on the road outside.