NGS Chilworth Manor opens Saturday June 6 10am – 5pm BOOK HERE NOW

Chilworth Manor will welcome visitors to their garden as part of the National Garden Scheme on Saturday June 6,  10am – 5pm.

However, this year pre-booking is essential, ahead of the day.  Click on the link below to be taken direct to the registration site  where you can book your visit.  No refreshments this year, but an opportunity to enjoy these fabulous gardens.

Surrey – Chilworth Manor – Saturday 6th June

West Lodge Planning application explained

St Martha Parish Council is pleased to be able to announce that it has put in an application to the Planning Department of GBC, as part of its bid to save West Lodge from sale and development.  This is following full village consultation events in the Village Hall in 2014 and 2016.

The notification, that the Parish Council has made an application for Change of Use, appears on the green gates by West Lodge on Blacksmith Lane.

West Lodge is currently classified as a dwelling, as it was formerly used to house council workers.  The Parish Council, with support from Chilworth2gether and the Friends of the Gunpowder Mills Group, is now asking for this to be changed, so that it could be used for a variety of low-key community and educational uses.

The aim, if it can be leased by the Parish Council, is to ensure West Lodge has a new purpose and will cover its costs.  This is the first step to secure its future, and make sure it remains intrgral to the Gunpowder Mills site.  The application is currently with the Planning Department of GBC and can be accessed by searching West Lodge.

PS  This application has nothing to do with the company PAYE who are a specialist company currently undertaking work in the Gunpowder Mills.  They are temporarily using West Lodge as a base whilst works are in progress.


Toiletries, Tinned meats and Tea – all the Ts welcomed by the Food Bank!

From the Food Bank –
“a big thank you to all who have contributed so generously and please keep giving if you can.
Along with the basic stuff could we ask for toiletries such as soap, hand wash, body wash and shampoo.
Tinned meats such as chicken curry, chilli con carne, hot dogs.
Tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits. Fruit squash.”
Please contact Ali Oakden on 07770596506 if you or anyone you know would appreciate a food parcel delivered to them.
The Chilworth Food Bank is now open from 8.30 am Mon – Saturday until evening.
It is contained in a box in the porch of 102 New Road Chilworth, both to receive donations (Thank You!) and for individuals who need it to pick up essential supplies.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help – the Care Committee has the volunteers to help you…

We are so grateful to all the kind people of Chilworth as we now seem to spend more time dealing with new offers of help than requests for help !

Hopefully this means that the vulnerable in Chilworth are well cared for by family, friends and neighbours.

In the meantime, thank you to all those who have volunteered and are still on our list should all that change!

If you or anyone you know needs help in anyway give us a ring on 01483 538886. You can leave a message and someone will get back to you the same day , seven days a week.

More details of pubs and restaurants offering take-aways


This information has been given to Chilworth2gether by our GBC Councillor Diana Jones:

Annare – Tel: 01483 281100/284343.  Italian Takeaways and free delivery (orders over £30)

Kinghams, Shere.  Tel: 01483 202168   See website for Takeaway menu

King William 1V – Tel: 01483 282318  Pub food and Pizzas.  Takeaways and free delivery for orders over £20

Kirthon – Tel: 01483 285588  Indian. Takeaways and free delivery for orders over £30

La Meridiana – Tel: 01483 284343.  Italian.  Takeaways and free delivery for orders over £50

Spice Heaven – Tel: 01483 281170.  Indian.   Takeaways and free delivery on all orders.

Tara Thai – Tel: 01483 281744.  Thai. Takeaways and free delivery over £30

Yasmin – Tel: 01483 282282.  Indian.  Takeaways and free delivery over £20

Heritage works use West Lodge as temporary HQ

Walkers in the Gunpowder Works may have been concerned to see a new notice appear on the door of West Lodge, and, separately, a Planning Application notice on the big Green Gates.

St Martha Parish Council with the Community’s support is currently negotiating with GBC to take on West Lodge, rather than see the building sold off for development, and separated from the Gunpowder Mills site for ever.  So, some locals have reported concern, having seen this PAYE sign on the back door of the building.

We can confirm that the temporary use of the building by PAYE has nothing to do with the Planning Application notice that currently shows on the big green gates by West Lodge.

Who are P.A.Y.E.?

We understand that GBC has commissioned this specialist firm to undertake specialist conservation work on elements of the Gunpowder Mills remains.  They will be working in the Gunpowder Mills for several weeks. Installation in West Lodge is a temporary measure whilst they do work on site, and does not affect the negotiations currently under way with GBC for the longer-term retention of West Lodge.

The work is to be welcomed in that it will help to preserve this important scheduled site.  

Due to current conditions, please avoid areas where specialists are working;  don’t engage them in conversation, but give them the space and quiet they need for their specialist work.