BBQ this weekend, September 15, in the Gunpowder Mills

To celebrate Heritage weekend, Chilworth2gether, in partnership with St Martha’s Parish Council/Friends of the Gunpowder Mills, will be hosting a BBQ in the Gunpowder Mills on Sunday, September 15, 12 noon – 2pm.  

Part of a national initiative to celebrate our heritage, local residents are encouraged to enjoy a walk through the Gunpowder Mills and explore the remains of the site.  The BBQ will be held in the picnic area, with its tables and benches, which is easily accessed via Vera’s Path which runs to the side of the Chilworth C of E Infant School on the main road (and close to the Percy Arms).

Just turn up and enjoy a burger in the fresh air, walk the dog and let the kids kick their heels.  Free maps showing routes and explaining the site will be available to pick up at the three entrances to the site –

  • Look for the Green Gates in Blacksmith Lane
  • Walk Vera’s Path from the school
  • take the bridleway through Lockner Farm and enter the site by the bridge

Gunpowder Mills covered on local radio

BBC Surrey included a piece on the Gunpowder Mills, Chilworth, in an item on the “Mark Carter” slot 4.00-5.00pm last Sunday.  It should be available to replay via BBC Sounds for the next 21 days.

The piece included contributions from Hendryk Jurk(GBC) and Andrew Norris, a Chilworth resident who has in-depth knowledge of the history and archeology of the site.  In the  second part, following a short while later in the programme, our new County Councillor Diana Jones (Green Party) made a contribution, along with John Andrews (GBC Countryside warden, who is closely involved with the site).


Chilworth Gunpowder Mills picture Gallery

Gunpowder Mills front page – illustrated with photograph of The Swing Bridge
swing bridge p2

aerial photograph of Gunpowder Mills site from the air – copyright Andrew Norris
air photo from north 2009

The Millstones
millstones at incorporating mills buildings 20-22

The Incorporating Mills
incorporating mills 1885 building 52

West Lodge building – used by workers to report for duty and leave any inflammable material

Incorporating Mills building
incorporating mills 1860s buildings 20-22 p2

Expense Magazine building

Incorporating Mills 1885
incorporating mills 1885 building 52

Gunpowder Mills map and historic information to download

Chilworth Gunpowder Mills Is a scheduled ancient monument. Enhance your visit to the Gunpowder Mills in their magic woodland set by downloading the following information and guided trail. See also a set of images showing the historic remains, shown under Gunpowder Mills Picture Gallery.

Thanks to Andrew Norris, Chilworth Gunpowder Group for the images, and to Glenys Crocker for permission to download the map.
walk leaflet 2010 rev2b page 1
walk leaflet 2010 rev2b page 2