Chilworth Manor starts Grape picking

Chilworth Manor is ready to go into production, now its young vineyard is maturing. Volunteers from the village and beyond gathered at the Vineyard’s magnificent barn to help with picking the ripe bunches of grapes for the first time.

Pinot noir grapes ready for picking

Chilworth Manor Vineyard will be producing a Rose wine, ready for drinking next Spring, and some of the Pinot Mernier grapes harvested will contribute to the first Sparkling Wine, but we’ll have to wait for that to be released.

Pinot Meurnier grapes at Chilworth Manor

By the end of the day, ten rows of grapes were gathered in, and whisked away to be processed by the wine makers, who are based at Denbies in Dorking.

Estate Manager John at Chilworth Manor supervises the grape harvest

There will be more opportunities to help with the grape picking. If you’d like to express an interest in volunteering, contact Sasja at