Skin Creams and balms from the Abbey offered at reduced price


A LOCKDOWN surplus in production of organic beewsax skin and lip creams made by Benedictine monks in their monastery at Chilworth, near Guildford in Surrey is being offered to the public to try at a reduced price of buy two, get one free (plus postage and packing) whilst stocks last.

In addition to a life of prayer and contemplation, the Benedictine monks at St Augustine’s Abbey, Chilworth – five miles from Guildford – amongst other activities, make and sell their own lip balms and skin creams from beeswax as well as a popular furniture polish.

Organic beeswax lip balms (each 25 ml) come in natural, aniseed & lemon, orange, lemon, peppermint and aniseed flavours and cost £3.95 each. Buy two and get one free.

Organic beeswax skin creams (each 50ml) come in coconut, honey & rose, natural, lavendar and vanilla and cost £7.95 each. Buy two and get one free.

Organic beeswax furniture polish (each 100ml) cost £3.95 each. Buy two and get one free.

Postage (second class) and packing is usually £3.00 for three items, more for further items.

All are now being offered to the public to buy by mail order at a reduced price for readers of this publication ordering on the Abbey’s website from 15 June until 30 September 2020. Please quote this publication.

“Monks making skin products might seem like a strange combination,” says the Benedictine monk who oversees production Fr John Seddon OSB, “but historically monasteries have made and sold items to help them sustain themselves whilst the production process can also be unusually prayerful. This is what we do at Chilworth and we now find that we have an oversupply of products thanks to Lockdown and we want to offer our products for the public to try, subject to availability.

“Once Lockdown is over, the Abbey Church at St Augustine’s Abbey in Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth is open 365 days a year to all members of the public of faith and none and the monks are keen to welcome everyone to pray with us here,” Fr John added.

Meanwhile, any shops or outlets wanting to sell the monks’ products are very welcome to get in touch.

For more information about St Augustine’s Abbey, Chilworth and this offer, visit the online shop at or email Fr John at

Heritage works use West Lodge as temporary HQ

Walkers in the Gunpowder Works may have been concerned to see a new notice appear on the door of West Lodge, and, separately, a Planning Application notice on the big Green Gates.

St Martha Parish Council with the Community’s support is currently negotiating with GBC to take on West Lodge, rather than see the building sold off for development, and separated from the Gunpowder Mills site for ever.  So, some locals have reported concern, having seen this PAYE sign on the back door of the building.

We can confirm that the temporary use of the building by PAYE has nothing to do with the Planning Application notice that currently shows on the big green gates by West Lodge.

Who are P.A.Y.E.?

We understand that GBC has commissioned this specialist firm to undertake specialist conservation work on elements of the Gunpowder Mills remains.  They will be working in the Gunpowder Mills for several weeks. Installation in West Lodge is a temporary measure whilst they do work on site, and does not affect the negotiations currently under way with GBC for the longer-term retention of West Lodge.

The work is to be welcomed in that it will help to preserve this important scheduled site.  

Due to current conditions, please avoid areas where specialists are working;  don’t engage them in conversation, but give them the space and quiet they need for their specialist work.  

Chilworth2gether annual reports 2018 and 2019, and future plans

Chilworth 2gether annual reports 2018 and 2019, and future plans

Chilworth2gether accounts have now been examined and signed off for 2018 and 2019.

At the beginning of 2018, the core group of Chilworth2gether volunteers agreed to change their way of working, to try to encourage and support activities in the village organised by others as well as Chilworth2gether itself.

Following several years of active campaigning and fund-raising, it was time for consolidation and the maintenance of many of the initiatives we have initiated in the village, and which are now mainstream resources.

For example, the three defibrillators in the village needed replacement electrodes and batteries, successfully restored by our local rapid response officer with Chilworth2gether support.

We also had to address vandalism of the bench and chair that we had funded and installed on the main road. Unfortunately attempts were made to rip these benches from their fixings.  The chair has successfully been reinstalled, but the big bench has taken time to repair and will be installed soon near the layby used by the Fish and Chip van.

Some things have become an annual feature of our village.  Chilworth2gether works with a local benefactor each year  who donates Christmas trees for the enjoyment of the village;  Chilworth2gether takes one for the Brownies to decorate, and supports the evening with funds, and erects it on the main road by Blacksmith Lane.

A large tree is erected on the main road by Hornhatch;  more lights and batteries need to be bought each year to maintain the display.

Following the purchase by Chilworth2gether of audio visual equipment for the village hall, a very successful Community Cinema has been set up and organised, independent of Chilworth2gether, but supported by it.  Chilworth2gether volunteers have joined the team of volunteers that are present at screenings;  we help with publicity and have funded spotlighting to illuminate the village hall on Cine nights (once a month on a Friday).

Working with other organisations, Chilworth2gether now funds a Volunteers’ thank you party, that includes volunteers working across the village, not just C2G.  Held at the height of summer this BBQ event is held simply, with volunteers contributing, and is an opportunity for all those who do so much unsung work for the village to be thanked and to take centre stage.  In 2019 volunteers from the Care Committee were invited, and it is hoped to continue this bigger event in the future.  Chilworth2gether funds this event.

Every year, Chilworth2gether takes part in a Heritage event in the Gunpowder Mills, and provides a BBQ and volunteers in partnership with St Martha Parish Council, Friends of the Gunpowder Group and GBC.  Looking forward, 2020 is a special year for the Gunpowder Mills site, being its 100 anniversary of closure.  Chilworth2gether is hoping to hold a special Duck Race on September 13 as part of Heritage weekend, subject to permissions, sponsorship and sufficient helpers coming forward to help on the day.  Details when confirmed will be advertised on the Chilworth2gether website.

This website continues to be maintained and administered by Chilworth2gether, but we would like it to become a wider, community resource in the future.

As well as preparing for the Duck Race, Chilworth2gether has started 2020 working with St Martha Parish Council, the new Friends of the Gunpowder Mills Group and newly elected Borough Councillors to lobby to save West Lodge from being sold off by GBC.  This is in line with the consultation events Chilworth2gether has held in the village over the years.

This campaign is likely to become a major effort this year.  In line with the Chilworth2gether approach to other initiatives, Chilworth2gether believes it might have a role in providing resources and man-power initially to re-furbish West Lodge to be used as a local resource, for example as a base for Forest School in the Gunpowder Mills and as a low-key meeting room.  We are working with partners to see whether a leasing structure can be arranged, whereby GBC remain owners of the building, but the users maintain it.  Our aims are to help in

  • Retaining the building as part of the Gunpowder Mills, recognising its historical story whilst having a new role in the community
  • Retaining the appearance and connection with the site
  • Stopping the loss of the building for ever, the severing of links with the site, loss of facilities for the Gunpowder Mills, and potentially inappropriate development

Chilworth2gether February 2020