Chilworth Gunpowder Mills

Chilworth Gunpowder Mills has been scheduled as a world class ancient monument site. The historic remains are set in a peaceful woodland setting within the Surrey Hills.
air photo from north 2009
swing bridge p2
The Swing Bridge – Chilworth Gunpowder Mills
It is owned by Guildford Borough Council, and supported by the advisory Gunpowder Mills Group who provide expert advice relating to the Archaeology and industrial heritage on the site.

See the Gallery for more pictures of the site and its remains.

The site also relies on local volunteers to support the council’s maintenance work at various times in the year. This group is now run through Chilworth2gether, and includes members of the Gunpowder Group. The work at the moment is designed to make the space a better community resource, so it requires no specialist skills – just the desire to make this a beautiful space to walk in, to sit and to enjoy our heritage. We use garden hand tools to clear and tidy the public paths and waterways, and work in a team several times a year.

To get involved – we try to make everything we do fun and worthwhile – please leave us a message below on this website (your contact details will not be made public) or email

We plan two sessions this year, in June and in August, ready for Heritage Day in September.


2 thoughts on “Chilworth Gunpowder Mills

  1. Dear Sir,
    I had my ancestors who worked in Chilworth Gunpowder Mills.
    I had nearly three generations who worked there.
    The first one was Joseph Simmonds worked in 1800.
    He was born in St. Martha and was married to Elizh Clark.
    Have you got any records of the people who worked there in that time?
    Thanking you
    Teddy Cassar

    • Teddy, We are only just getting going on our project in which we hope to restore the only remaining building on the site, to use as a base to preserve the heritage of the Gunpowder Mills. (See the information we will display about the West Lodge project as it develops here on the Website) There is no definitive archive at the moment but there is a collection of old photos which is stored in the village hall, and which in future we may be able to display. We will ask around to see whether anyone has recollection of the Simmonds Family – and we may get some replies through this website…

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