Chilworth History Society

Chilworth History Society meets monthly on Tuesday nights at the Village Hall, during the autumn and spring. In 2014, the pattern will change with the Society using the first Tuesday evening of the month for talks.

It offers lively speakers covering a fascinating variety of local topics, with refreshments and legendary home-made cake!

Members – £10 annual subscription, or £3 per night at the door.

Subscriptions for 2014 will be due on the first meeting, planned for March 4. See History Society events for details

4 thoughts on “Chilworth History Society

  1. really enjoyed the exhibition at the weekend was chatting to a lady from the society about cross over research I have been doing with the Southampton Records for the Tudor period and info we have on Stephen Omedeaux and the Dowse family as well as the Kemer family of Chilworth.The site is free access and you can search on all sorts of criteria. It occurred to me later that you might be interested on a talk about the project and what we have found out about some of the 12,000 people on the database.

    • I was an evacuee (aged 6) my mother and I were staying with an aunt and uncle at “Byways” in formerly Halfpenny Lane when we heard the distinctive engine sound of the evil craft and stood on the kitchen doorstep to watch it pass over – assuming that it wouldn’t be scheduled to call at peaceful Chilworth. As can be imagined, there was a panic response when the engine cut out; in a flash we made for a cupboard under the stairs!
      We were taking refuge in Chilworth from our home in Hounslow, Middx where (fortunately) we never experienced such a near miss!! Later I was taken to view the crater.

  2. Dear Sir
    I had three generations of my family who worked in the Gunpowder Mills in the 1800.
    The first was Joseph Simmonds in 1800.

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