Commercial, Services and local enterprise

This area of the website is designed to encourage small local businesses and entrepreneurs – especially young people – to advertise their products and services.

Chilworth2gether doesn’t endorse any of these, but hopes that it will encourage residents to think local and encourage our craftspeople, local trained service providers and established businesses to advertise here.

The small charge we make for this section helps cover the costs of the website. Any surplus will go back into the community through Chilworth2gether.

You can contact us in the comments section if you want to advertise, or email

One thought on “Commercial, Services and local enterprise

  1. I would like to highly recommend Julian from Bramblewood (under the Local Carpenter section of this page) to anyone who is considering him. He did two weeks of work on St. Peter’s Shared Church Bellfields and was wonderful to work with – always prompt and reliable. He even went above and beyond to help us when the scaffolding company we had hired were unexpectedly very difficult to work with. The church looks wonderful where he has worked and we will definitely be using him for any future jobs we need done.

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