Local Countryside

In this area we hope to alert you to opportunities to explore the local area with a guide, or to take part in countryside activities.

We will highlight local events under Activities and Walks.

The whole programme of events run by Surrey Wildlife Trust can be accessed by clicking surrey wildlife trust

One thought on “Local Countryside

  1. Can I suggest a walk that has stunning views and a stroll through woods. I am referring to the Chantries that can easily be accessed by parking in St Martha car park. Then walk back out to the lane and turn left. Walk down the hill to the sharp left hand bend then walk up the narrow track that is in front of you. Once you have walked a short distance through the woods you come to the camp site field. Walk across this field to your left diagonally and go through the gate on to a track that leads all along the top of the hills that overlook Chilworth an Shalford. Follow this path until you can see Shalford Church spire then turn right into the woods through another gate and turn right again you can walk through the woods back to your starting point. A walk of about 40 mins as a gentle stroll. Well worth it for the views.

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