Heritage works use West Lodge as temporary HQ

Walkers in the Gunpowder Works may have been concerned to see a new notice appear on the door of West Lodge, and, separately, a Planning Application notice on the big Green Gates.

St Martha Parish Council with the Community’s support is currently negotiating with GBC to take on West Lodge, rather than see the building sold off for development, and separated from the Gunpowder Mills site for ever.  So, some locals have reported concern, having seen this PAYE sign on the back door of the building.

We can confirm that the temporary use of the building by PAYE has nothing to do with the Planning Application notice that currently shows on the big green gates by West Lodge.

Who are P.A.Y.E.?

We understand that GBC has commissioned this specialist firm to undertake specialist conservation work on elements of the Gunpowder Mills remains.  They will be working in the Gunpowder Mills for several weeks. Installation in West Lodge is a temporary measure whilst they do work on site, and does not affect the negotiations currently under way with GBC for the longer-term retention of West Lodge.

The work is to be welcomed in that it will help to preserve this important scheduled site.  

Due to current conditions, please avoid areas where specialists are working;  don’t engage them in conversation, but give them the space and quiet they need for their specialist work.