GBC ready to sell off West Lodge – C2G and the Parish Council object

We have heard that GBC intends to sell off West Lodge, at the entrance to the Gunpowder Mills site in Blacksmith Lane.

We are very unhappy about this, and C2G took part in the discussion at St Martha Parish Council meeting on Wednesday, January 15.

The decision to sell West Lodge was made by the previous Council.  They continue to consider the little building a commercial asset, and not part of the Gunpowder Mills story.  We have always argued how important it is that West Lodge is preserved as part of the whole Gunpowder Mills site, and that it should remain in GBC ownership.

C2G has worked with Andrew Norris who will take a group of newly elected councillors around the site, to introduce them to this Scheduled Ancient monument.  We are also writing to the leader of the new Councillor and other councillors to urge them to take West Lodge off the commercial register and instead list it as a Heritage site.  We want to stop the sale, so that new councillors have a chance to reconsider the previous decision to sell, now that conservation, and the character of the Surrey Villages is higher up the Council’s agenda.